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Trends to Watch: What’s Next in Multichannel Marketing

Trends to Watch: What’s Next in Multichannel Marketing

What’s Next in Multichannel Marketing? Companies that employ multichannel marketing approaches benefit significantly from these strategies. Why is this? It’s because that’s how today’s consumers shop. In fact, 95% of modern consumers use 3+ channels to make decisions before purchasing. Brands that employ a multichannel strategy to meet these consumers across platforms and channels experience a 3x higher level of effectiveness in their marketing strategies.

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How Do You Know If You Need DAM System

How Do You Know If You Need A DAM System?

There are many digital asset management systems available today.
To pick the right one, you must understand your pain points and your organization’s requirements.

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New ideas for successful business and financial stability

4 Ways to Improve the Retail Customer Experience

To make the customer experience central to their marketing strategy, retailers must thrive in offline (print) and online digital channels. The retail customer experience is not an easily definable event – or even a series of events. It’s a complex relationship, not a checklist of dos and don’ts.

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Awards for LAGO

As a technology provider, Comosoft has been setting standards in the multichannel solutions sector for more than 20 years. During that time, LAGO has firmly established itself as a market leader for multichannel production solutions. To our delight, LAGO has received the following awards:

Comosoft LAGO whiteboard named BEST OF INNOVATION AWARD IT 2018 in the category “Industry Software”

16 May 2018

The LAGO whiteboard is the central module for efficient and effective production of digital and print marketing materials, enabling pages to be quickly designed and populated without any layout knowledge. The results are made available to the creative production team, either internally or externally, in InDesign as a layout document. Here, the pages can then be finalized and prepared for output. Additionally, the whiteboard is also the perfect bridge to involve or even integrate product or category management into the marketing production process.

Comosoft wins award in IT best list

27. March 2015

The Initiative Mittelstand honours companies with innovative IT solutions and high utility value for SMEs with the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT. The expert jury honoured the software solution LAGO Professional (formerly portlight) with the BEST OF 2015 award in this category. This award-winning product particularly impressed the jury and was therefore among the top group of all submitted applications. The INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT of the Initiative Mittelstand has been bridging the gap between IT innovations and SMEs for many years. The patron of the event in 2015 was Microsoft Deutschland GmbH.

Industry award best list

With its second nomination, our software solution LAGO Professional (formerly portlight) also shone in the best list of the INDUSTRIEPREIS in 2015.
Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH honours companies with high economic, social, technological and ecological benefits with the INDUSTRIEPREIS. Comosoft also impressed the expert jury in this segment with its powerful and innovative multichannel solution LAGO Professional and was therefore once again one of the top candidates among the entries submitted.


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Improved interface, streamlined features and proven workflows: LAGO TANA – Explore a whole new version of LAGO!
With this release Comosoft enters a new era of LAGO versions – Beginning with the name Tana and a new LAGO logo. If you ever happened to have an encounter with a manta ray, our new logo mascot, you met one of the most calm and majestic animals on the planet. The version name Tana refers to the biggest lake in Ethiopia, which is the water mouth of the Blue Nile, and the surrounding prolific reserve.

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Comosoft partners with Hypertrade

Hamburg, December 2023 – Comosoft, a leading provider of promotion workflow automation solutions, has announced its strategic partnership with Hypertrade, a renowned expert in category management automation. This partnership marks a significant milestone in delivering unparalleled technology solutions to the Southeast Asian market.

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Belcorp: The Beautiful Message

The modern beauty industry is complex indeed. Companies in this highly competitive arena succeed only when they connect their many products to the needs and desires of ordinary people. These are consumers looking for a brand they can trust and rely upon when it comes to their own self-image. Every product is a personal connection, not just a commodity. One such company – Belcorp – has successfully made this connection with its customers for years. But in today’s multichannel environment, that also poses an ongoing marketing challenge.

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