Comosoft partners with Hypertrade to revolutionise promotion workflows and category management in Southeast Asia

Hamburg, December 2023 – Comosoft, a leading provider of promotion workflow automation solutions, has announced its strategic partnership with Hypertrade, a renowned expert in category management automation. This partnership marks a significant milestone in delivering unparalleled technology solutions to the Southeast Asian market.

Comosoft specialises in streamlining promotion workflows across diverse channels, empowering retailers to optimise their marketing efforts efficiently.

Meanwhile, Hypertrade excels in automating category management, providing businesses with cutting-edge tools to enhance product visibility and sales performance.

Both companies boast unparalleled retail expertise, integrate AI and ML engines in their solutions and share a genuine passion for commerce and shoppers.

Revolutionising retail operations with unified solutions

The collaboration between Comosoft and Hypertrade aims to combine their respective strengths to offer a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates promotion workflows, category management and CRM for retailers and agencies. Comosoft has selected Hypertrade as its partner to distribute its advanced technology solution across Southeast Asia.

Benefits for customers: Unleashing unprecedented integration

This partnership promises retailers and businesses a one-of-a-kind integration of promotion automation and category management. Clients can expect optimised workflows, improved product visibility, and increased sales efficiency through this joint offering. The amalgamation of Comosoft’s promotion automation expertise with Hypertrade’s category management prowess will empower businesses to elevate their market presence and drive growth.

Key executive insights: Unveiling the collaborative vision

Peter Jozefiak, CEO of Comosoft, expressed excitement about this partnership, stating, “Teaming up with Hypertrade signifies a crucial step in our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions. Strong with robust expertise gained in Europe and the US, together, we’re poised to help retailers in Southeast Asia make giant steps in the automating category management and promotion workflows in very advanced omnichannel retail environments.”

Frederic Etienbled, CEO of Hypertrade, added, “Our collaboration with Comosoft signifies our dedication to offering holistic automation end-to-end solutions to help retailers delight their shoppers across all their channels. This partnership represents an exceptional opportunity to drive innovation and efficiency across Asia, one the most digital savvy population in the world.”

The partnership between Comosoft and Hypertrade signifies a unified mission to empower Southeast Asian businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions. As they combine their expertise, they are set to redefine promotion workflows and category management across the region.

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