Database Publishing (database-driven publishing)

What is database publishing?
Database publishing is a sub-discipline of print publishing, i.e. the automated production of printed advertising material. In this type of publishing, the print products are populated automatically via a plug-in directly from the connected database. In database publishing, article and price changes are automatically updated, and also shortly before printing, because every change to the entries in the database leads to automatic changes in the layout document.
Database publishing can be completely automated and, at the push of a button, a specific print product can be populated with data from the database, which is then printed directly. However, a more common application is partial automation, where data from the database is automatically inserted and updated in the layout and the layout process runs in parallel. This discipline of print publishing creates capacity in conjunction with a professionally integrated PIM and DAM system and reduces the frequency of errors in print production through automation.

LAGO IN ACTION – Success story at RAJA Media

LAGO IN ACTION – Success story at RAJAMedia

Seeing our LAGO software in action with our customers is of course a special pleasure for us at Comosoft. Since July 8th, 16 country representatives (FR, BE, DE, AT, CH, NL, ES, IT, PT, UK, NO, SE, DK, PL, CZ, SK) have been integrated into the LAGO WEB environment at RAJAMedia and have thus already reached the production stage.
The changeover to a new production software is a challenge for every company, but in 2020 it is associated with further special features for companies worldwide due to the corona pandemic. It makes us especially proud that we have managed to hold the last trainings with RAJAMedia successfully online and thus lead RAJAMedia into the future production of their advertising material with LAGO. The next big goal is the deployment of LAGO Print in order to be able to produce the printed catalog completely in LAGO in addition to the web catalog.
With the production in LAGO and the introduction of a new advertising material production, RAJAMedia reaches a new level in its conversion to agile processes:
  • RAJA achieves higher efficiency and productivity of the users
  • You can include user requests in the development process
  • Users save time by automating recurring tasks
  • This enables you to focus on tasks with the highest added value
  • User requests are structured and stored in a central and homogeneous backlog for further development

Note from Comosoft concerning Corona virus

Note from Comosoft concerning Corona virus

Dear Customers,

Comosoft is very aware of the responsibility of each individual and company to help to protect society globally in times like this with the continued outbreak of COVID-19 – the Coronavirus. Collectively, our health is our greatest asset – especially in this current global situation. We have enacted policies to comply and cooperate with all official mandates enabling our employees to work from home and practice “social distancing” as recommended. We know many of you have all enacted similar initiatives to contain the spread in your areas as well.

Despite the special circumstances, we are committed to support all of our customers with our service and our usual quality assurances. We will quickly monitor any delays in our processes and will work diligently to ensure your continued success with LAGO. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

We wish you and your families continued good health.


Peter Jozefiak (CEO) & Randy Evans (President Comosoft Inc.)

Software developer Java/Web

For our location in Hamburg we are looking for a:

Software developer Java/Web (m/f/d)


Some of the following skills are part of your profile:

 JAVA: Your knowledge of JAVA 8+ is very good and makes even the inhabitants of the island of the same name envious.

 TEAMWORK: You enjoy working in a team with our developers and are also willing to engage in technical discussions and a round of darts.

 HTML5 / Vaadin / Vue.js: These names do not sound Spanish to you and you have heard them all 1-2 times.

 SQL: Database languages (Oracle, PostgreSQL) get off your lips extremely easily.

 FRONT- AND BACKEND: You can choose whether you prefer to work on the front- or backend.

 WINDOWS/macOS: Choose your favourite platform.

 SPRING: This word does not only make you think of the season.

 UnitTESTS: You would like to be part of the TESTUnit for the UnitTESTS and hunt with Mockito/JUnit5.

 CODE REVIEW: Review tools such as Crucible-Fisheye are important to us.

 Git & SVN: Dealing with version control systems is no problem for you.

 RESTful API: We are open to third-party applications.

 SonarQube: We also increase quality with static code analysis.

And ELK (Elasticsearch/LogStash/Kibana), Software Security (OWASP) and API Design are also an issue for us.



 Implementation of modern WebApps and rich client applications in Java (Eclipse-RCP and Vaadin) is easy for you.


You support the POs with your knowledge during the requirements analysis.


 “Analysis, conception and design” will be the words above your task area door.

 You will carry out the implementation in a team.


You are the testing tester: unit tests, integration tests and preparation for test automation



You take on responsibility with us and can rely on the support of your team – even when it comes to table soccer and darting. 

It never gets boring, the range of tasks is broad.

If you would like to train yourself further, we are happy to help and will pay for it!

We don’t have computers from the pre-industrial era or oldschool offices, here everything is modern and centrally located. 

Flexible working hours means with us – no matter if Early Bird or night owl – start when you want. 

We are all on first-name terms and can also make direct decisions on short notice.

Attractive salary – you will also be well paid after a good performance.

We take care of your CO2 balance and give you an allowance on your HVV card.

We want you to stay healthy, hydrated and alert – fruit, coffee and water are always available.

Every Wednesday you can do sports with us during working hours.

    *Mandatory fields


    Comosoft presents LAGO in Japan

    Comosoft visited the PAGE 2020 to present our Multichannel Software LAGO.

    Japan it was a pleasure!

    From Wednesday 05/02/2020 until this Friday we attended the yearly PAGE 2020 that took place in the  Sunshine City Convention Center in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibition was assembled around the topics Digital, Print and Marketing for B2B customers and took place for the 33rd time this year. Of course we presented our Software LAGO and as you can see our audience was very keen to learn more about it . We are looking back on three exciting days of networking and presenting LAGO at the PAGE 2020.

    Our Head of Product Management Paul and our Managing Director Peter presented  Live-Demos, to show the benefits of LAGO helping you in your Print Publishing process. We would like to thank the around 66,000 specialists, who attended the PAGE 2020 from following industries:

    • Living | Paper & Paper Products
    • Printing & Publishing
    • Information
    • Telecommunication
    • Data Processing
    • Computer


    IKEA's most eco-friendly print supplier

    IKEA's most eco-friendly print supplier:

    The Eversfrank Group wins IKEA Tulip Award

    Sweden, October 2019 – On the evening of 9 October, the Swedish furniture chain IKEA hosted its annual Tulip Awards. Year after year, IKEA awards the prize in the form of a wooden tulip for the best printing performance in the production of its current catalogue. The Eversfrank Group is one of the prizewinners and scored highly with its sustainable print production concepts. Now the Scandinavian colleagues of the Eversfrank Group have brought the prize to Germany, where it was happily received by Managing Director Axel Polei. 

    31 printing companies from 24 countries accepted the invitation to the small Swedish town of Älmhult, where the IKEA headquarters are located. The Eversfrank Group won the coveted prize in the “Sustainability” category for the “Best Sustainable Initiative” – after just two years of working with the Swedish furniture store giant. With its two largest production sites in Meldorf and Preetz, the printing company is now one of IKEA’s best printing suppliers. IKEA was particularly impressed by the print production according to the so-called “Healthy Printing” concept, with which the Eversfrank Group produces print products in an exceptionally sustainable way.

    “In the spring and summer of this year, we produced a part of the IKEA annual catalogue”, says Ulf Malmberg, Manager Business Development of the Eversfrank Group, who closely supervises IKEA’s print production. “We have been continuously working on making our processes and production sequences even more environmentally friendly for years. Together with IKEA, we wanted to go one step further and implemented printing in accordance with the criteria of the Healthy Printing Principle.


    As a member company of the Healthy Printing Initiative, the Eversfrank Group is committed to working towards healthy print products in the long term by actively supporting positive impacts rather than just minimizing negative ones. “For example, we are working to ensure that all ingredients and materials in the printed paper cycle become a useful biological or technical resource for other processes,” explains Hauke Klinck, Environmental Manager of the Eversfrank Group. “Our long-term goal is to produce printed products that contain 100% defined biocompatible components that are safe to compost, can be used in other products, or can be incinerated without a contaminant filter. For IKEA, a catalogue production was made possible, among other things, by changing the sheet and roller colours to the Cradle to Cradle® standard with improved and sustainable properties.”

    Axel Polei, Managing Director of the Eversfrank Group in Meldorf, emphasizes that the award is due to all employees who have worked energetically with IKEA and contributed to this success. “It is highly motivating to be honoured by such a renowned customer and it shows us that the environmentally conscious path we have been taking for years is the right one,” he concludes.

    PIM-Point Accuracy

    PIM-Point Accuracy

    When a retailer has hundreds of thousands of SKUs and over 2,000 stores, how can it leverage all that data effectively—and profitably—in its public marketing efforts?

    Enterprise databases are not built from scratch. They certainly do not spring into existence fully-formed, complete with a high-profile launch event. Rather, these dinosaurs of the IT world evolve slowly—and successfully—from their primordial ancestors. Engineered to handle huge volumes of complex data, such systems are powerful enough to support large, complicated businesses.

    This awesome power comes at a cost, however. Because they have evolved from previous, often arcane systems, enterprise databases are notoriously slow to adapt to changing market conditions and disruptive new technology.

    So Many SKUs, So Little Time

    Such is the case with Product Information Management or PIM systems. When a company manufactures or sells a product, data from a PIM are used to keep track of every aspect, from colors, size variants, and part numbers to serial numbers, optional accessories, and specifications. Each item, known as a Stock Keeping Unit or SKU, also has pricing information, inventory levels and locations, manufacturing details, and a host of marketing data. The latter, usually product descriptions, photos, and even videos, are kept in a separate but somehow related database called a Digital Asset Management or DAM system.

    That’s a lot of data. For each SKU, there may be dozens or even hundreds of data points. Usually, these not all in the same database but spread over several related but very different systems. Each has its own, important business purpose and each much share information in order to manage that particular product. One particular department—product marketing—must access almost everything related to a particular SKU.

    Now, multiply that problem by 400,000.

    Home improvement retail giant Lowe’s handles that number of products and more, selling them from any of its 2,000 stores—plus its online sales portal. To market this vast array of products successfully, the company must find a way to leverage millions of data combinations—and do so in a way that guides the shopper to just the right product at just the right price.

    Up to the Challenge

    In August, Multichannel Merchant published a case study describing how Lowe’s and PureRED (Lowe’s digital agency) were able to solve a complex, data-intensive marketing problem — the retail circular. Using the LAGO system from Comosoft, product marketing managers and designers were able to identify and prioritize SKUs for a campaign and, using data from both PIM and DAM systems, import each product into a well-designed Adobe InDesign template.


    Much of the detailed circular production work (e.g., formatting and populating tables, finding the right product image) became highly automated. Pricing and other data were linked to the original data source, so a last-minute change to the latter would automatically update the former—right up to the moment the file was generated for the printer. The potential for errors was greatly reduced.

    The massive data juggling act at Lowe’s is even more impressive when you consider that each individual store circular, although similar in overall design, is unique in terms of featured products and sale prices. Multiply each data-intensive printed circular by the over 2,000 Lowe’s stores that use them on a daily basis.


    The Digital Shift

    The PIM/DAM dilemma would be hard enough if printed circulars were the only marketing channel. (LAGO is also used for other complex, versioned print products, notably catalogs.) However, digital marketing—especially mobile apps—have upended the plans of most retail marketers. A digitally produced circular ad must not only be attractive, informative, and easily findable, it must also be an “E-Z button” for buying the item.

    Think about it. An ad for a screwdriver set on a store’s mobile app not only has to show the user what it is, and how much it costs (with prices changing at any moment), but also similar items, customer reviews, and whether it’s in stock or available for delivery.

    That’s a lot of data. Fortunately, as the case study shows, the same PIM/DAM data acrobatics used to streamline print circular production could be repurposed to populate the Lowe’s mobile app.

    Reaching the Target

    By definition, product marketing must be nimble and responsive to consumer habits and preferences. Online and mobile tools are ideal vehicles for connecting with today’s customers. However, only if the massive amounts of product data can be accurately and cost-effectively managed—behind the pretty face of an ad or app—can the targeted message reach the consumer.

    Comosoft Newsletter (Spring/Summer 2019)

    A Message from our President

    With spring at its end and summer finally here, we're already at the halfway point of the year. And it’s a pretty special year for us here at Comosoft: 2019 marks our 25th year making industry-leading marketing production tools. Back in 1994, Comosoft was one of the first companies in the world to tackle the challenges of manual planning and productions workflows, bringing two previously separate entities together: product data and images–the database publishing begins era begins...

    Today, Comosoft is at the forefront of digital transformation, helping our customers innovate and optimize their planning and production processes. When systems change, so do roles–something we take very seriously as we help our customers adapt their processes for all sales channels in the quest to reduce time to market.

    Since our inception, LAGO has evolved into an end-to-end multichannel marketing solution, from planning to output. Many of the features you know and enjoy today are a result of customer feedback or customizations, which is why we really mean it when we say that none of this would be possible without you, our customers. To all of you, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years. We look forward to serving you for many more to come.

    All the best,
    Randy Evans

    API Survey: Thanks for your participation!

    A couple of months back, we sent out a survey to encourage feedback regarding the LAGO API. The results are in: while there are many different use cases out there, the overwhelming majority of you want us to focus on the image handling capabilities of the API first. This doesn't mean we're not also working on other aspects of the API, but rather prioritizing image handling. More API updates coming in the not too distant future.

    The API survey is still open. If you'd still like to register your feedback, let us know and we'll send you a link and a password. We've extended the survey deadline to June 30.

    LAGO 5: So Many Reasons to Upgrade!

    With enhancements to new features and modules, LAGO 5 has unprecedented power and flexibility. Below you'll find a list of some of what's new in LAGO 5:

    • LAGO-specific shortcuts in InDesign
    • LAGO Scripting Enhancements
    • Enhanced Image Alignment Options in Element Layouts
    • New Function for Placement Rule Scripting
    • Search folders in LAGO Proof
    • Enhanced markup tools in LAGO Proof
    • PDF Format for Correction Documents
    • Alpha Channels: Enhanced InDesign integration
    • Ability to copy element layout category settings in document template
    • Support for macOS Mojave & Adobe CC2019

    For a full list of all the new features in LAGO 5 or if you have any other questions about upgrading to LAGO 5, please email to schedule a demo.

    Module Spotlight: LAGO Proof

    LAGO 5 brings many new features to the table and Proof is no exception. We've been busy adding tons of great new ways to interact with proofs.
    As of the latest release, Proof now offers:

    • Comparison slider for multiple page comparison
    • Pencil tool for freehand markup
    • The ability to link correction marks to elements (instead of the page)
    • The ability to view and store proofs as complete, exportable PDFs
    • Highlight and strikethrough text markup

    ​These great new proofing features are only available in LAGO 5. Please email to schedule a demo preview.

    Need Personalized Content? LAGO DIM to the Rescue!

    Our latest module addition, LAGO DIM, enables One-to-One personalized messaging.
    Back at the LAGO User Conference, we showed you a pre-release demo of LAGO DIM. Fast forward to current day and we're looking for a "test" site. If you're interested in this type of technology and have a use case in mind, let us know.

    With LAGO DIM (Direct Individualized Marketing), you can go beyond “One-to-Many” or “One-to-Few” communication—addressing relevant messages to qualified, individual customers and prospects. This module enables you to efficiently combine customer and PIM data to create personalized message campaigns—in print, via email, or in HTML.

    Data Personalization Potential:

    • Basic customer information (e.g., name, street, city)
    • Known customer preferences and purchase history
    • Purchased and related product information and images (from PIM and DAM data sources)
    • Your LAGO library of templates for print (direct mail), email, and HTML landing pages
    • Cross-channel references from the printed page to digital pages or e-commerce sites, via image recognition or QR Codes

    LAGO’s unique combination of data and marketing systems with template design systems for print and digital channels provides a cost-effective solution for direct, individualized marketing communication.

    ​For more information or a demo preview of LAGO DIM, please email Re-Launch–More to Come in the Months Ahead!

    The marketing team at Comosoft has recently completed an extensive makeover of if you haven't been there lately, please stop by and check out our new digs! We've added a lot of new content and over the coming months, we'll be adding more module information, case studies, videos and event info. Be sure to check back often for the latest news. We highly value your feedback-please email with any website suggestions.

    Where in the World is Comosoft?

    Comosoft has had an exciting year: we've been very busy onboarding new customers in both the US and EU markets and have several more queued up for the coming months. After we wrap up our latest LAGO implementations in the US, we can safely say that Comosoft owns the retail home improvement landscape, powering retail production for the top three players in this space.

    We also recently visited with our friends at Belcorp in Lima, Peru. Belcorp is the largest cosmetics company in South America. We're assisting them with their latest digital transformation project, adding Automated Page building to their production mix.

    In addition to onboarding several new clients, we're also busy working on LAGO 5 upgrades. The requests continue to come in and we'd love to help you get this scheduled. If you have any questions regarding the LAGO 5 upgrade process, please email

    Welcome to the team!

    We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce our latest addition to the Comosoft team, Scott Stafford. Scott comes to us with an extensive history in all the right places. To name a few, Scott is  proficient in SQL, JavaScript, Python, Linux shell scripting, XML, and HTML.

    In his role of Technical Support Analyst, Scott will be helping our Support Team and Derrick Pitts serve the technical needs of our customers. In his spare time, Scott is a technology enthusiast who enjoys spending time with his family locally here in Allen, TX.

    Tips & Tricks: JIRA Dashboards

    Did you know that JIRA allows you to create multiple dashboards to help track issues and ticket assignments? Customized dashboards are a great way to organize your JIRA space. You can easily create widgets for lists, graphs or charts, providing a visual way to track everything on one screen.

    For help with setting up a customized JIRA dashboard, please email

    Comosoft Newsletter (Winter 2018)


    With the final weeks of autumn waning and Thanksgiving in the books, the holiday season is upon us–some of you may even have snow on the ground. With holiday production cycles at an end and spring campaigns in planning, we hope LAGO has been good to you and would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being part of the Comosoft family.


    This year's LAGO User Conference @ Big Cedar Lodge was a fantastic event–the days were overflowing with great presentations and lively discussions. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! It was also the first time we've had attendees from our European market, making this a truly international event.

    This year's User Conference marks both the end of an era and the beginning of a new one: going forward, the LAGO User Conference will become Blueprint, a part of our yearly event series. Furthermore, we've decided to alternate Blueprint's location between Europe and the US.

    Our next event, Port of Thoughts, will take place at the Hotel Hafen in Hamburg on June 6th, 2019. Blueprint will resume in 2020 in Hamburg, and alternate with the US in the years to follow. We're looking forward to seeing you there!


    This week, in partnership with Multichannel Merchant, Comosoft published a LAGO case study produced with the help of our friends at Bass Pro Shops. A huge thanks goes out to Joe Gies and his crew for helping to make this such an interesting read. Be sure to check it out HERE.


    Some of you have probably already met our latest addition to the team, Mark Jones, at this year's User Conference. Mark comes to us with decades of industry experience and will serve as our Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships. Mark is an avid golfer, accomplished drummer and excited to be on board with Comosoft.





    Reyn Ansley is the newest member of the support department. Reyn is a long-time user of LAGO and comes to us with years of experience using LAGO in the day-to-day marketing production for a major office supplies distributor. When not at the office, Reyn likes spending time outdoors and playing video games with his 10 year old twins.

    Case Study: Bass Pro Shops

    Check out this in-depth case study to see how Bass Pro Shops is using Comosoft LAGO
    to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their retail marketing operations.