Project Management and Consulting

Sometimes, adding LAGO components to your existing PIM, DAM, or other system requires an overhaul—or a major, one-time integration project. Your IT and production staff are already stretched to the limit. In those situations, Comosoft expert consultants can be the “surge” resources needed to manage the change and help you make the transition successfully.

Automation for the Masses

We have been automating complex collateral production operations for over 20 years. Let us help you optimize your marketing workflow. Our services include work with:

  • Channels – We evaluate project scope and requirements for utilizing product data in new communication channels or optimizing workflow with existing ones. We also plan for and monitor change management arising from the demands of multichannel communication.
  • Teams – We address the capabilities and interactions of people involved in the complex process of data-intensive, multichannel communication. This includes project workshops and planning sessions.
  • Analysis – We analyze the structure and efficiency of your marketing ecosystem, define the scope and nature of procedural change, and monitor the relevant metrics—with a clear understanding of performance and ROI goals.

“We are now in a position to modify data even late in the process, such as price changes or complicated versioning. This saves us time and enormously improves the quality of our advertising.”

Creative Services Director, Major North America Retailer

When we integrate our software into your workflow, your data model, and your processes, we take great care to preserve the value of your investment and ensure that the end results meet or exceed expectations.

Our team of experienced project managers work with you on implementation projects. We rely on both standardized, classical methods and new, agile methods, gained from our twenty years of experience with implementation projects.

We start with discovery—always seeking ways to streamline your processes and make them more efficient with LAGO. Cost savings of between 20% and 50% are not uncommon, especially with graphics and collateral production. During the development phase, our specialists install and test the system. In the deployment phase, we prepare all users for the delivery phase via training sessions. We also accompany your first production experiences with on-site supporter.



Our DAM technology allows your business to handle high volumes of critical assets.



Comosoft LAGO empowers many users, companies, and e‑commerce sites worldwide.



LAGO systems are in place in multiple locations worldwide.



LAGO can produce thousands of PDFs (multiple ads, with regional variations, in up to 18 languages) per week

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