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How does LAGO help retailers produce regional or even store-specific variants of their circulars with ease? See how the different departments of a grocery store chain work smoothly in their marketing production with LAGO.


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Optimize Your Media Process with LAGO

Advertising and marketing material can be planned, created, edited, and evaluated easily, via our intuitive user interface. Data from various sources is fed into LAGO, simplifying the entire process and making it more efficient.

Using the online whiteboard module, marketing and product line managers can place an article or mod (a product or offer and all its relevant data and images) anywhere on an advertising or marketing piece. They can also use real-time analysis—based on margin, turnover, and inventory data—to assess the best placement of articles.

Product data and images in LAGO are seamlessly integrated with Adobe InDesign, via a plugin. Designers can focus on creative design, and product data is updated in real time—right up to the moment of printing.

The Proofing module also provides a precise, bidirectional cooperation process between purchasing, advertising material planning, and graphics teams. Visual element and text content changes are facilitated via digital correction marks.

Final page layouts can be approved via a visual, online proofing process. Many elements of review-and-approval can be automated and executed from anywhere in the world.

At the end of the process, LAGO generates a press-ready PDF file of your advertising and marketing material, sending them directly and automatically to your print service provider.


Many different types of businesses use LAGO to optimize their multichannel marketing production process:

Growing e-commerce with print? Yes, please.

Life without e-commerce is inconceivable today. Even in a retail store or shopping mall, it’s common to reach for our phones to compare prices or check on the availability of something in a different color or size. Brick-and-mortar store managers may resent it, but mobile e-commerce is here to stay.

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5 Digital Asset Management Best Practices

Currently, around 70 percent of organizations already have a digital transformation strategy or are in the process of creating one. Digital transformation is growing at unprecedented levels. Just how fast? In 2021, organizations spent $1.5 trillion on digital transformation globally. By the end of 2023, that figure is expected to climb to $6.8 trillion. With all this focus on digital transformation, more and more digital assets are created every day, and organizations are relying more on these assets than ever before – which means brands need a platform to manage it all.

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4 Tools to keep collaboration on point

Fit Small Business recently reported that in most companies, collaboration accounts for 85 percent of work time, and 9 in 10 workers believe that digital tools that foster collaboration processes are becoming increasingly important.

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