From Direct Individual Marketing (DIM) to one-to-one communication – create relevance for your customers

One-to-one communication is practically without alternative nowadays, because: In the age of information overkill, consumers select radically. What is not relevant ends up mercilessly in the waste paper basket or simply gets lost in the daily flood of advertising. The days of mass marketing are not yet numbered in only a few industries. This is why the principle of our one-to-one marketing services is called more response through relevance. We combine online and offline technologies in such a way that segmentation to each individual target person is possible even on a large industrial scale.

Improve your customer loyalty through individualised marketing communication and create 100,000 different variants, each with a single print run. Be it as a variant of an offer brochure in food retailing, a corporate publishing magazine, a daily-on-demand mailing in print or online PDF, to name just a few examples.

One-to-one communication at a new level with LAGO DIM

The additional module DIM – “Direct Individual Marketing” – from LAGO enables you to direct your marketing measures even more specifically towards your customers. After “One-to-Many” or “One-to-Few” has already been covered by LAGO for 25 years thanks to its unique variant model, LAGO DIM enables you to play out “One-to-One” for both the digital area and the print channel.

With LAGO DIM you can produce personalised and individualised print pages. Various levels of individualisation are available to you. Starting with simple personal salutations including references to individual shop landing pages, through to individual products and prices per customer or customer group.

The same applies to playout in online channels: personalised newsletters and individual e-mail campaigns can be generated from LAGO with little effort using the new DIM module. Cross-channel links from print products to digital channels (print-to-web) generate an ideal interaction of both channels by means of image recognition or QR codes.

As a result, marketing measures can now be targeted even more precisely at the recipients. Respond to the ongoing change in the print and media industry, where it is important to stand out from the flood of advertising with relevant content.

Use the positive effect of personalised and individualised advertising approaches on your sales!

Our module DIM enables you to produce targeted advertising material

Whether it’s print or online channels, LAGO DIM is designed for your needs and reaches your customers directly and individually.


With LAGO DIM everything is possible

  • Creation of personalised and individualised print pages based on templates or freely designed individual products
  • Use of already designed LAGO documents as the basis for the leap from “One-to-Many” or “One-to-Few” to “One-to-One” by merging existing pages with personalised and individualised offers
  • Cross-channel links from the print side to digital channels based on image recognition or QR codes
  • Template editor for HTML content
  • Generation of personalised and individualised e-mails and landing pages based on product data from LAGO PIM
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Frequently asked questions about One-to-One Communication

One-to-one communication is a part of direct marketing. In this marketing method, marketing measures are tailored to the individual customer. The information that forms the basis for tailor-made marketing is usually data that has already been collected in a CRM during the business relationship. This data includes very basic demographic factors such as age, gender and place of residence, but also statistics on recent purchases and information from contact with customer service. The prerequisite for comprehensive one-to-one marketing is therefore the constant, albeit indirect, exchange of information about the customer and automated storage of the data.

The basis of successful one-to-one communication is a solid database. If there is sufficient data stock of customers or the target group in general in the company, software for individual advertising material production is a very efficient tool to address customers specifically according to their preferences and needs. The targeted approach can then be made through various of your channels and their advertising media, such as personal newsletters, individual print products and landing pages, which are tailored precisely to a customer profile.

In general, almost all channels that allow a high degree of individualisation are suitable for one-to-one marketing. In most cases, these are print publishing products (advertising brochures, flyers, catalogues, inserts etc.), especially those produced in digital printing, but of course also newsletters and landing pages. One of the biggest challenges in online retailing are abandoned shopping carts, i.e. customers who have filled their shopping cart but not completed the purchase process. Alongside follow-up e-mails and individualised landing pages, web-reaction print e-mails (see also web-to-print) offer great potential here in one-to-one marketing against the shopping cart abandonment phenomenon. The “print” channel is also often used in the form of individualised catalogues as a source of inspiration for subsequent online or offline purchases (see also print-to-web).

Our customer-specific development service offers you exclusive software tailored to your needs

  • Short development cycles thanks to modern Scrum methodology
  • Creation of the best solution and incorporation of your feedback through early pre-delivery
  • Version security
  • Developments possible at different levels of integration
  • A team with extensive experience in customer-specific developments
  • Since our foundation we have been developing and producing exclusively in Germany
Entwicklungsleistungen maßgeschneidert auf Ihre Bedürfnisse

We have a very long and intensive selection process behind us and are 100% sure that Comosoft is the right choice for us to have found enormously innovative, long-term partners. With this partner we can optimize internal processes and further enhance our competitiveness.

Hélène Gariba, RAJA MEDIA

Comosoft, a leading provider of PIM & Multichannel Media Production Software, wins Europe’s No. 1 packaging supplier, RAJA Group

Hamburg/Paris, October 2016 – The French RAJA Group, expert for packaging of all kinds, has developed into a multi-channel player in recent years. Catalogue, web shops, telephone and 19 national sales companies have been the main channels used to sell “a comprehensive range of high quality products”. In order to be able to expand further here, the company launched its “RAJAMEDIA Vision” project in 2015 and thus launched a very extensive search for the appropriate system solution(s). The result of the four-stage selection process: LAGO4 from Comosoft.

To the press release of Raja

Our Head of Product Management will help you to find the right solution

Whether you need automated processes or multi-channel rejection of your advertising material production, our experts are available to answer all your questions. Despite standard software, we give our customers the necessary flexibility to adapt LAGO optimally and individually to the respective processes and organisation.