Experts in Multichannel Marketing Solutions

Comosoft is a leading technology provider for product data management and multichannel media production in the consumer goods, retail, catalog, e-commerce, and industrial sectors. With our LAGO software and consulting expertise, we help companies design their marketing processes efficiently, effectively, and sustainably, considering the entire process in all relevant departments in the company. We belong to Constellation Software Inc. and are therefore part of a solid and global organisation. This partnership gives us the opportunity to open up further promising markets. The expansion of a strong and cosmopolitan network is Comosoft’s goal.

Our mission is to make retailers, manufacturers, and agencies more efficient and effective. Our vision is for your multichannel operation’s success in making print & digital production transparent. Our responsibility is to stand by our solutions, and help you master today’s marketing challenges.



Our DAM technology allows your business to handle high volumes of critical assets.



Comosoft LAGO empowers many users, companies, and e‑commerce sites worldwide.



LAGO systems are in place in multiple locations worldwide.



LAGO can produce thousands of PDFs (multiple ads, with regional variations, in up to 18 languages) per week


Unlocking Retail Success Through Digital Transformation

For retailers, the right digital solution doesn't necessarily have to be ground-breaking. It should grow with the business and focus on performance, accuracy and efficiency. Marketers know the challenges that multichannel digital behaviour brings. They know they must remain flexible to meet customer needs and find new ways to succeed in today's changing markets. Having the right data is key. However, they need to learn how to develop and scale their organisation's most effective response without breaking their budget.

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Inside the Hypertrade & Comosoft Strategic Alliance: A Blueprint for Retail Excellence

In this interview, Frederic Etienbled and Peter Jozefiak talk about the partnership between Hypertrade and Comosoft, which offers a seamless integration of retail and multichannel marketing solutions that enable retailers to effectively tackle a wide range of challenges. Through continuous innovation, the partnership equips retailers with the tools to adapt and excel in a dynamic market environment.

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The 7 Most Important Practices for Managing Your Digital Assets

By many accounts, it can be difficult for teams to find what they need quickly and efficiently, even from within their organization. In fact, 26 percent of workers between the ages of 35 and 44 spend up to 5 hours each day looking for the data, assets, or information they need to do their job. Even with an intuitive digital asset management (DAM) system, finding the assets you need can be challenging without smart practices.

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