30 years of innovation and success: the anniversary of a leading software company

For three decades, our company has been at the forefront of technological innovation, providing solutions that transform industries and help organisations worldwide achieve their goals.

Today, we proudly celebrate our 30th anniversary and look back on an exciting journey characterised by continuous growth, unwavering commitment and ground-breaking achievements.

Since our foundation in 1994, we have become a pioneer in software development and our success is based on three core principles: Innovation, Quality and Customer Satisfaction. With a dedicated team of developers and supporters, we have always pushed the limits of what is possible and developed pioneering solutions that enable our customers to overcome challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

Our journey began with the vision of analysing and optimising companies’ processes to develop customer-specific solutions. Over the years, we have expanded this vision by developing standardised software that is tailored to the specific requirements of each customer.

From business management to data analytics and artificial intelligence, we have continuously introduced new technologies and tools to give our customers a competitive edge and drive their growth.

A key success factor of our company is our unwavering commitment to quality. We place great importance on providing products and services that meet the highest standards and offer our customers real added value. Our numerous awards are a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, which is why we are also in the process of obtaining ISO certification for our product.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our customers, employees and partners for their continued support and co-operation. Their trust has motivated us to constantly improve and exceed our goals. We look forward to continuing to grow and reach new heights together in the years to come.

30 anniversary Comosoft logo development

The history of logo development at our software company reflects our evolution and growth over the years. Originally, our logo was a simple, text-based design that symbolised our straightforward approach and startup mentality. As we expanded, we adopted a more sophisticated and visually appealing logo, incorporating elements that represented innovation and technology. With this change, we wanted to create a stronger brand identity. In recent years, we have modernised our logo again to reflect our pioneering advances and tech-savvy strength, using sleek lines and a strong graphic focus on the name. Each redesign of our logo marks a significant milestone in our journey, showcasing our dynamic progress and forward-thinking vision.

The development of customised solutions for companies was the driving impulse behind the founding of Comosoft GmbH. Our first customer, TUI, was already benefiting from innovative and individual software for catalogue production.

The high demand for automated processes and interfaces triggered the idea of developing a standard product. This gave rise to our LAGO software, which we used to support large national mail order companies in their individual workflows.

The subsidiary Comosoft Inc. was founded to extend our reach. New markets and partners have enriched our strategic expansion.

LAGO continues to develop with new functions and products and consistently adapts to the requirements of the market and technological progress. The demand for print, digital, web shops, e-commerce and omnichannel advertising media production is expanding the service portfolio.

We are proud to be part of the Constellation Group. Strategic partners and new markets are a great way to expand our network. AI integration, process optimisation, third-party interfaces, security and human expertise are no challenge for our strong global team.

30 years Multichannel Software LAGO
30 years Comosoft Team LAGO

We celebrate our 30th anniversary and we are full of gratitude for the past and look forward to the future with great anticipation. We are determined to continue on our path, to continue to grow and to continue to shape the world of technology.Here’s to the next 30 years and beyond!