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Food retail has always been in a constant state of change, but the pressure and demands are increasing enormously due to digitisation. The pressure is also becoming more significant on the part of manufacturers, because in the course of online retailing, brands can approach consumers themselves much more easily. In addition, there are the online pure players, which also illustrate how the industry is changing.
Food retail companies are faced with the challenge of responding even more specifically to the needs of their customers and offering them the perfect customer journey by linking the most diverse touchpoints.
The basis for this is provided by the right technological partner, so that food retailers are positioned more efficiently and effectively in the production of their advertising measures.

The LAGO software from Comosoft actively helps your food retail company to master these challenges. LAGO supports your marketing processes with functions that are essential in the modern media production of retailers: Digital correction loops, validity of offers, automated article exchange and standardised workflows, to name just a few examples. The integration of manufacturers and suppliers is also an essential step in the entire information supply chain, which ensures a great reduction in workload. Our experts are happy to support you in using new channels to communicate with your consumers.

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How can Comosoft help you with circular production?

Optimisation potentials using the example of a weekly print supplement

  • Better cross-functional cooperation of your teams in the creation process (e.g.: integration category management)
  • Up to 60 % reduction in effort
  • Unique print correction workflow
  • Product planning by category managers via whiteboarding
  • Analysis of assortments, advertising media and sales at a central location
  • Simple administration and handling in regionalisation
  • Shorten time-to-market by up to 30 % – update your data automatically and even last minute.
  • Basis for One-to-One Communication
  • Integration of the subsidiaries: Web2Print
  • Connection of external partners
  • 100% bi-directionality between graphics programme and database

Learn more about our direct Adobe InDesign plugin in LAGO

Adobe InDesign Plugin

With our exclusive InDesign plugin, Comosoft LAGO enables visibility into assets (DAM) and data (PIM), as well as the proofing and workflow modules – all without leaving InDesign. LAGO’s advanced, logic driven templates also help to automate page building and ensure consistent branding. LAGO helps design and production personnel focus on design and production, instead of the hunting and gathering of assets and data.


With the direct print plug-in in Adobe InDesign, your database-supported production of print advertising material is optimally supported.


Reject your data into the webshop by simply assigning the products to the respective categories.


Also use the online version of your catalogue and allow your customers to browse digitally in the online catalogue on the website or in the webshop.

One-to-One Connector

Our LAGO DIM (Direct Individual Marketing) enables one-to-one communication in print and online channels in addition to a web-to-print approach.


The E-Catalog module enables the output of BMEcat and other classifications.

LAGO in depth: Insights into efficient weekly circular production

How does LAGO help retailers produce regional or even store-specific variants of their circulars with ease? See how the different departments of a grocery store chain work smoothly in their marketing production with LAGO.

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Regionalisation or localisation in this case essentially means optimising and adapting a certain content or thing for a certain region. Each region is equipped with factors that distinguish it from other regions. In marketing and especially in trade marketing, these factors often consist of market and customer data, but also of regional guidelines and laws. The term localisation is now also used for the preparatory process for “local-based services”, i.e. the digital localisation of customers via their technical end devices in the shop through WLAN recognition and beacon technology.

The most important factor in the localisation process of retail is the product range or the selection of offers. Target groups in different regions are characterised by different preferences, which, for example, the food retailer serves through regionalised product range selection. But language is of course also an important factor in localisation, especially for international retailers, so the translation of marketing materials in an international environment is crucial in the localisation process.

As already mentioned in the context of regionalisation and localisation in retail, there are now many ways to address customers digitally in shops. Customers are often addressed directly via push messages to their smartphones when a shopping app of the provider is installed and open. These messages with specially tailored offers are usually triggered by beacons installed in the shop. The decisive factor here is the relevance of the offer for the customer and the spatial proximity to the product in the shop. To ensure that the customer is in the immediate vicinity, the sending of the advertisement is triggered directly as soon as the customer approaches within a few metres of a product that is relevant to him. A detailed knowledge of the customer is required well in advance; for this purpose, movement profiles and purchase histories of the customer are recorded and used to increase the relevance of the advertising and the offers and thus the likelihood of purchase.

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    Optimise the use of all channels with LAGO: Discover how LAGO optimally supports you across all channels, from weekly brochures to individual customer approaches.

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