LAGO brings performance to your marketing team through marketing automation

Generally speaking, one speaks of marketing automation in the software-supported automation of marketing processes – an important pillar of digital transformation in companies. Relevant and good marketing drives demand – everyone agrees on that.

However, the effort and costs are immense. Many different sales channels want to be provided with information and of course kept up-to-date. But not only that, the advertising must have a relevance for the customer. In order to be able to operate marketing automation as a company, which in the end also saves resources, data about the customer must be collected and made available. This data helps your company to address the customer in the right way and to offer the customer relevant products, which are then most likely to end up in the shopping cart. This process of data collection in turn requires a sensible software-supported structure of internal workflows in the company. Software systems such as a PIM system, a DAM system and a CRM system must work together seamlessly to eliminate frictional losses.

Workflow management supports the efficient execution of your structured processes and tasks

Why is it worthwhile to establish a comprehensive workflow management?

Some processes in a company can be automated to save time and guarantee consistent quality. Often, these processes that need to be optimised and automated only become apparent when the topic of workflow management is addressed.

Many companies have to bring their products to market quickly and a well-structured process implementation helps them to shorten the time-to-market considerably. But why should one not rest on good workflow management, especially in retail?

Marketing teams often need too much time to compile product information from different data sources, organise image material and prepare your products for the respective sales channels. Without a central system that connects your marketing staff and product management, you are always running behind the times. Leave your information islands and create an efficient, secure process. With LAGO Workflow, you connect all your departments from purchasing to product management to marketing. Features such as graphic page and shop planning, digital correction tools and evaluations give you planning security and an overview for the entire media production.

LAGO Workflow enables the creation of several individual workflows. The creation itself is done via an easy-to-understand graphical user interface in LAGO Admin. Each workflow can have an unlimited number of statuses representing stages and milestones within your production workflow. To ensure that tasks in a workflow are processed optimally, one or more roles can be assigned to each workflow status so that users who have that role(s) can perform actions. With LAGO Workflow, you automate your marketing processes to reach customers, whether B2B or B2C, faster and in a more targeted way.
> You can learn more about roles and permissions in our glossary entry here.

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The LAGO Workflow Management:

  • Enables precise control of authorisations and data access per user
  • Networks your teams through automatic distribution of tasks
  • Offers status-dependent permissions for your product data, documents or assets of your advertising material
  • Automatically notifies of new or overdue tasks in production
  • Enables evaluation and monitoring of your processes and production planning
  • Simplifies the redistribution of work tasks for fast workload balancing
  • Supports parallel web and print workflows
  • warns you of possible bottlenecks in your production

Our consultants help you to find the right solution

Whether you need automated processes or a multi-channel rejection of your advertising material production, our experts are available to answer all your questions. Despite standard software, we give our customers the necessary flexibility to adapt LAGO optimally and individually to the respective processes and organisation.

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Frequently asked questions about marketing automation

When people talk about digital transformation, they are talking about a process of change, which primarily means the increased use of digital technologies. This process is often initiated and driven by the rising expectations of customers regarding the shift of business processes to forms of digital technology. Digital transformation is only made possible by digital technologies.

Digital technologies are generally speaking based on hardware, software and networks. The most striking feature of digital technologies is that they have revolutionised existing technologies in many areas. This process can be compared with the industrial revolution that began in the 18th century.