Inside the Hypertrade & Comosoft Strategic Alliance: A Blueprint for Retail Excellence

Interview with Frederic Etienbled (CEO of Hypertrade) and Peter Jozefiak (Managing Director of Comosoft)

In this insightful interview, we connect with Frederic Etienbled and Peter Jozefiak, the driving forces behind Hypertrade and Comosoft, to explore their strategic partnership. Hypertrade, celebrated for its comprehensive retail solutions, and Comosoft, a leader in multichannel marketing software, are joining forces to innovate the retail sector. Their collaboration aims to introduce integrated solutions that cater to the evolving demands of retailers around the globe, signaling a new chapter in retail excellence.

CEO Hypertrade

Frederic Etienbled

Managing Director of Comosoft

Peter Jozefiak
Comosoft GmbH

Unveiling the Vision and Objectives

Can you both describe the vision behind the Hypertrade and Comosoft partnership?

P.J.: Comosoft and Hypertrade complement each other perfectly with their products and create value along the entire value chain in the retail sector. Hypertrade expands the service portfolio of Comosoft and the software product LAGO to include the data analysis part. LAGO as a multi-channel production software stands for the efficient production of advertising in all marketing channels. Hypertrade complements the efficiency of LAGO by qualifying product data.

F.E.: Despite doubling down on creating captivating promotions, Hypertrade clients often struggle with streamlining production. LAGO bridges this gap by seamlessly aligning promotion planning and strategies with flawless omnichannel production and communication. Our partnership empowers them to automate the end-to-end promotion process, boosting customer experience while reducing costs.

What are the main goals you aim to achieve together?

P.J.: The result of the partnership is very easy to describe! With the solutions from Hypertrade and Comosoft, relevant products are made available to end customers at the right time and with minimal production effort in a wide variety of marketing channels. Time savings of 50% and a sales increase of 10% can be realized in retail with these solutions.

F.E.: In addition to what Peter shared, the partnership between Comosoft and Hypertrade will empower several retailers to plan, work and engage their customers “like the big guys”, opening for them a new horizon of possibilities and growth.

Highlighting Individual Expertise and Synergy

How do Hypertrade’s solutions enhance Comosoft’s omnichannel offerings?

F.E.: Hypertrade simplifies, automates, and optimizes retail processes to ensure a consistently exceptional customer experience. With same focus as Comosoft on data management and data quality, our machine learning and AI-powered solutions go beyond suggesting the right products: they measure performance with precision, continuously refine selections, and integrate shopper behavior changes. This is where LAGO’s technology comes in – it seamlessly translates these optimized offers across all marketing channels.

In what ways do Comosoft’s omnichannel capabilities enrich Hypertrade’s retail solutions?

P.J.: With Hypertrade’s evaluation of purchasing behavior, the data in LAGO’s PIM app can be enriched with sales-promoting texts and USPs. The LAGO DAM links the product data records with the image data and is transferred to the respective marketing channels via the LAGO planning module. The central data management ensures the consistency and synchronization of the product data in the various marketing channels. The decisive factor here is that Hypertrade’s data analysis means that the products are not assigned to the marketing channels based on a gut feeling but are the result of a sales evaluation.

Addressing Challenges with Success Stories

What challenges in retail are you aiming to solve with this partnership?

P.J.: Retailers almost always have the same challenge. High production costs in advertising production, reacting quickly to changes in products, prices and availability, logistics and procurement, as well as the storage of products. The solutions from Hypertrade and Comosoft meet these challenges.

F.E.: In today’s fast-paced market, retailers need agile teams that can make quick decisions while addressing diverse customer needs. Comosoft and Hypertrade provide solutions that empower retailers to meet these very challenges.

Looking Forward: Innovations and Future Prospects

With the retail landscape constantly evolving, how does your partnership offer a competitive edge to brick-and-mortar retailers?

P.J.: The demands on the retail sector are indeed changing from year to year. Nevertheless, the focus remains on retail customers. Knowing what the customer’s product preferences are, which price segment the customer is in, which marketing channels the customer wants product information in or simply when the customer prefers to shop helps retailers to match the product range with the customer’s preferences.

F.E.: Throughout the history of commerce, understanding customer needs has been a critical factor in a merchant’s success. This focus on customer-centricity is amplified by the Comosoft and Hypertrade partnership, which translates complex data into actionable insights, making it even more relevant for businesses today and tomorrow.

What future developments can clients expect from this partnership?

F.E.: The increasing power of technology often comes with growing complexity. Comosoft and Hypertrade share a vision to cut through that complexity, prioritizing user-friendliness. Flawless execution and time-saving features are hallmarks of our progress. Ultimately, our partnership thrives on making life easier for retailers and marketers, while continuously enhancing their customers’ shopping experiences.

Hypertrade excels in automating category management, providing businesses with cutting-edge tools to enhance product visibility and sales performance.

 The collaboration with Hypertrade is designed to unite our strengths, delivering an all-encompassing solution that integrates promotion workflows, category management, and CRM seamlessly for retailers and agencies.


Comosoft specializes in streamlining promotion workflows across diverse channels, empowering retailers to optimize their marketing efforts by automating the production of complex print and digital catalogs, flyers, and circulars. The collaboration with Comosoft aims to combine our strengths to offer a comprehensive solution seamlessly integrating promotion workflows, category management  for retailers and agencies.