Successful Omnichannel Content Management with LAGO

How can you convince a customer to buy a product after they have abandoned their shopping basket? You should reach the customer optimally at every station of their everyday life – the advertising message of your own company should be present to the customer as positively and consistently as possible. Omnichannel is the logical linking of communication channels so that there is no interruption in the flow of information for the customer throughout the entire customer journey. From the company’s point of view, this is how they react to possible customer abandonment – because they cannot (yet) exactly foresee the reason for a possible abandonment, they react on another communication channel in order to retain or even reactivate the customer.

How can Omnichannel Management be successfully implemented?
LAGO is a standard software that has been tried and tested for over 20 years and meets all your requirements for a central system for the production of advertising materials. Thus a smooth, target-oriented and secure implementation is possible. Cross-channel campaigns can be easily planned, allowing LAGO to enable you to do real Omnichannel Marketing. Make your Omnichannel activities faster, safer and more flexible, and drastically reduce costs as a result. Centralized and media-neutral content management eliminates the need for multiple efforts, eliminates sources of error and dramatically shortens time-to-market. Article and price changes in real time allow flexible action on all channels so that your employees can concentrate on their core tasks again.

But Omnichannel Marketing only works perfect, if your content is already prepared and organised for your different marketing channels – LAGO can help you with that. On the basis of the neutral data, you can organise your marketing projects for print, e-commerce, mobile, social commerce and point of sale, link them with each other and output them to the appropriate channels. With LAGO, you receive the right software for managing your product data and thus create an optimal basis for uniform Omnichannel Marketing in the various marketplaces of modern commerce.

You acquire a proven and future-oriented tool with which you can also serve other channels such as mobile commerce or social commerce platforms at a later point in time: Omnichannel!

One-to-one communication in Omnichannel Marketing with LAGO DIM

The additional module DIM – “Direct Individual Marketing” – from LAGO enables you to direct your marketing measures even more specifically towards your customers. After “One-to-Many” or “One-to-Few” has already been covered by LAGO for over 25 years thanks to its unique variant model, LAGO DIM enables you to play out “One-to-One” for both the digital area and the print channel.

With LAGO DIM you can produce personalised and individualised print pages. Various levels of individualisation are available to you. Starting with simple personal salutations including references to individual shop landing pages, through to individual products and prices per customer or customer group.

The same applies to playout in online channels: personalised newsletters and individual e-mail campaigns can be generated from LAGO with little effort using the new DIM module. Cross-channel links from print products to digital channels (print-to-web) generate an ideal interaction of both channels by means of image recognition or QR codes.

As a result, marketing measures can now be targeted even more precisely at the recipients. Respond to the ongoing change in the print and media industry, where it is important to stand out from the flood of advertising with relevant content.

Use the positive effect of personalised and individualised advertising approaches on your sales!

With LAGO DIM everything is possible

  • Creation of personalised and individualised print pages based on templates or freely designed individual products
  • Use of already designed LAGO documents as the basis for the leap from “One-to-Many” or “One-to-Few” to “One-to-One” by merging existing pages with personalised and individualised offers
  • Cross-channel links from the print side to digital channels based on image recognition or QR codes
  • Template editor for HTML content
  • Generation of personalised and individualised e-mails and landing pages based on product data from LAGO PIM
Comosot LAGO DIM Modul

What is shopping cart abandonment?

In e-commerce, shopping cart abandonment is when a potential customer places a product in the digital shopping cart, but the purchase is not completed by the transaction. The share of shopping cart abandonments in the total transactions of a shop is an important KPI in e-commerce, as it can indicate a non-optimal user experience during the purchase process. The search for a possible cause of shopping cart abandonment is very difficult and usually involves time-consuming tracking. However, there are various omnichannel marketing options to turn shopping cart abandonment into a successful transaction. A common approach in e-commerce, for example, is the remarketing e-mail, which is automatically sent to the shopping cart abandoner and often contains an attractive discount code on the shopping cart value.