LuxairTours and LAGO: joint success for more than ten years

You couldn’t be closer to the scene, because LuxairTours is located in the immediate vicinity of Luxembourg airport, where countless machines are on the runways every day. Not only does the white-turquoise fleet set off for the sun from here, in accordance with the company’s philosophy of “Fly in good company”, but here, too, numerous advertisements are produced and distributed under the LuxairTours banner ( every year to many tourists with holiday offers. This has been the case since 1968 with more than 40 sunny destinations.
José Baltes, who works here, close to Luxembourg airport, is also the manager of advertising production and distribution at LuxairTours. With the print jobs Happy Summer, Metropolis, Excellence, Discoveries, LUXiClub and the main Vakanz catalogue, there is always plenty to do. In addition to the aforementioned print jobs, other brochures, best-selling pre-catalogues, flyers and much more are created on a regular basis. LuxairTours always offers all information in two languages for four countries. Therefore, there is a lot of data to organise.
As a consequence, the LAGO advertising production system was already adopted in 2001 and has now been in use for more than 13 years with the solution of Comosoft GmbH from Hamburg.

“LAGO is exactly the right tool for us. Otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to work with Comosoft for so long”

adds José Baltes in a telephone conversation. Every year, the many different advertising materials are created with the support of the numerous automated processes. The main Vakanz catalogue alone has over 500 pages, not including the price list.

We attach great importance to a fresh, appealing design – despite and above all because of the extensive tables. This allows our customers to recognise directly on the page which offer costs how much,” says Baltes. LAGO is “the” tool at LuxairTours, above all as an interface for planning, for database-supported layout and for managing the numerous media. The many product managers work out their travel offers with the sellers and create so-called prepsheets, which are then transferred to the LAGO system. This is where the prepared destination pages are planned and designed to a high standard. In addition, original German texts are translated into French and original French texts into German and edited.

Where previously two catalogues were produced, at least ten extensive catalogues are now produced and printed every year. LAGO helps to organise the data flexibly and quickly and to use it directly for media production. The simple updating of data at the touch of a button enables LuxairTours to always publish all advertising material “on time”.

About Luxair

LuxairTours is one of the four pillars of the Luxair Group, alongside Luxair Airline, the Group’s flagship, LuxairCARGO and LuxairServices. With over 2,300 employees, the Luxair Group is one of the most important employers in Luxembourg and the surrounding area. The tour operator LuxairTours delights over 300,000 customers every year with themed travel offers for sun & beach, cultural trips and fully planned discovery tours ideally tailored to different holiday destinations and budgets. The company is enjoying constant growth. LuxairTours was founded in 1968 and offers over 40 holiday destinations – not to mention the many city breaks. You can also find more information about the company at

Hamburg, 2001