Shopping cart abandonment in e-commerce can be significantly reduced through a combination of technical optimisation and targeted marketing strategies. A user-friendly and fast checkout process is crucial, whereby unnecessary steps and form fields should be minimised. Clear information on shipping costs and delivery times displayed early on in the checkout process can also prevent customers from abandoning their purchase. The 2022 study explains what causes customers to abandon the shopping basket in the online shop. These and other steps in the purchasing process are perceived by customers as an obstacle:

  • Having to create a user account
  • Not finding the right payment method
  • Shipping costs or VAT only visible at the last step
  • Additional costs are too high ( duty, shipping and forwarding costs, etc.)
  • Technical problems

In addition, the use of re-marketing measures such as personalised emails or push notifications reminding customers of the abandoned shopping cart can help to win back potential consumers. Attractive promotions such as coupon codes or free shipping options can also increase the conversion rate and prevent shopping cart abandonment.

Summary of measures to prevent shopping cart abandonments:

  1. Simplified processes with low time costs ensure direct checkout
  2. Promotional voucher or coupon codes encourage potential customers to make a purchase
  3. Build trust through seals and/or customer reviews
  4. Optimise the shopping experience for all devices, especially mobile devices
  5. Clearly display delivery and shipping information (including returns information)