Presse Release HAWESKO


Germany‘s leading provider of top quality wines and champagnes will be putting its trust in Comosoft GmbH for its PIM and multi-channel media production system. Structured, fast, flexible and multi-channel – Hawesko has been won over by the LAGO4 software from comosoft for its product information management (PIM), media asset management (MAM) and multi-channel export to assure continuous information flow across all sales channels.

Hamburg/Tornesch, March 2016 – Hawesko GmbH has selected LAGO4, one of the world’s leading PIM and multi-channel media production systems by the Comosoft company. Hawesko goes for multi-channel: print, online, mobile, social media. Hawesko went searching for a suitable PIM/MAM and multi-channel provider to expand its approach and the cross-channel activities associated with that.

It focused on finding a software that would meet three essential strategic objectives:

Time 2 Market
Individualization of all media production
Developing new channels

LAGO4 offers a comprehensive, combined core PIM and MAM system as well as a fully integrated export into InDesign, its desktop publishing program and was thus able to exactly meet Hawesko’s expectations. With its high-performing whiteboard, Comosoft’s product manager provides an aid for quickly and efficiently designing catalog pages well as the entire multi-channel activities using drag-and-drop. The e-commerce department will  be able to structure, organize and finalize its integrated webshop by using the media design and product feeding to the desired categories. LAGO4 also provides a fat client and a 100% congruent web client. This allows every department to work in its preferred form and also have unrestricted access when on the road.

“We have a very intensive selection process behind us and are now 100% confident that we have found a very innovative and long-term partner for optimizing our internal processes and expanding our competitiveness,” said Ina Dittman, Project Manager at Hawesko.

“From the beginning, we believed in providing Hawesko with just the right ingredients in the form of software modules – in fact, we dubbed the project the ‘media production bewitchment’. After its intense selection process, we are all the more thrilled that Hawesko decided on us,” declared Benjamin Ferreau, Managing Director of Comosoft GmbH.

Hawesko is already making future plans with Comosoft to address automated individualization (One2One address) and roll-out for further concepts based on the foundation that’s been laid.


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