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Comosoft, the leading supplier of PIM- & Multichannel Media Production Software, wins over Europe‘s number one in packaging distribution, the RAJA Group.

RAJA is establishing the basis, with its strategic project entitled “RAJAMEDIA“, for further development of its multichannel customer approach. Comosoft is providing the corresponding software solution (PIM) jointly with IBM (MDM).


Hamburg/Paris, October 2016 – The French RAJA Group, with its expertise in packaging products, has been transforming itself into a multichannel player in recent years. Catalogues, online shops, telemarketing and 19 country-specific disctributors in Europe have to date been the main sales channels for the group‘s extensive high-quality range of products. As part of its efforts to expand in this respect, the company launched, in 2015, the RAJAMEDIA Vision project, which has given rise to a wide search for a suitable system solution or solutions. The four-stage selection process has finally found the right candidate: LAGO4 from Comosoft.

These are just a few of the features that helped to swing the decision of the RAJA Group:

  • The combination of complete PIM and MAM systems within the core, including fully integrated transfer of data into the desktop publishing program InDesign.
  • The high-performance “whiteboard“ feature, which allows products to be dragged and dropped quickly and efficiently into catalogue pages for layout planning purposes.
  • Media planning allows the E-Commerce Department to structure and organise all its online shops, complete with
    product-feeds into specified categories.
  • LAGO4 was also the only shortlisted candidate to offer both a fat client and a web client with similar coverage. This allows each department to work in its own way, while also permitting unrestricted access when on the move.

“We have come through a long and intensive selection process, and are 100% confident that we have found, in Comosoft, an enormously innovative, long-term partner with whom we can optimise our internal processes and continue to develop our competitiveness“, states Hélène Gariba, project manager of RAJA MEDIA.

“The important selection factor for us was the combination of technological foresight, functional availability and a good basis for mutual communication“, continues IT program manager Lionel IT Lionel Moraux.

Other joint projects envisaged for the future include automated customisation (based on a one-to-one approach) and an online marketing suite (for the simple creation, approval and distribution of online content).

“We are very pleased, after what has been a long and intensive selection process for us, to be able to satisfy the needs of the RAJA Group. The company is not just totally compatible with our range; the joint team also works together perfectly – which is a well-known prerequisite when it comes to the successful implementation of software-based initiatives. All this is in addition to the fact that RAJA has provided us with a good basis for further expansion into the French market; including the setting-up of a corresponding subsidiary in the course of 2016“, in the words of Benjamin Ferreau, CEO of Comosoft GmbH.

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