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In our free webinars, everything revolves around our software LAGO, from current releases and tutorials to tips & tricks that should make your daily work easier. The webinars are both presentations by our LAGO experts and a dialogue with you. During the webinar, you can ask your questions directly about the topic discussed in the chat at any time – anonymously or in a group.

We look forward to receiving your registration for this digital event. In your registration confirmation, you will receive a link from us that will take you directly to the webinar in your browser on the date of the event. Usually up to 60 minutes are scheduled, but the duration depends on the size of the dialogue. You will find the topics of the current webinar in the description below.

Q1 | 2023 Quarterly LAGO Webinar

Our Product Specialist Steve May will guide you through the some lesser-known features, updates and some developments in our software LAGO.

Date: Thursday, 09.02.2023 Time: 04:00 pm
The participation is free of charge.



  • LAGO Layout | How to save hyperlinks in components: The PDF Appearance which is part of the InDesign hyperlink standard functionality, is not stored. If you change the default, save, close and re-open the document, the settings are lost and also not globally stored in case of global component.

  • LAGO Layout | Document Check: Use LAGO to “preflight” documents based on one or more document and data criteria

  • LAGO Proof | Correction mark commenting: Instead of using the correction comments field to add notes or instructions, it is now possible to add comments to each individual correction mark assigned at the offer or page level.