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Making Personal Connections In An Impersonal, Multichannel World

Outdoor retail giant Bass Pro Shops has an ambitious marketing vision: to connect with the needs of individual outdoor enthusiasts. In an increasingly impersonal, multichannel environment, that vision requires powerful, agile technology—such as Comosoft LAGO.


Building Marketing Excellence

Shoppers love a store special. Whether customers are looking for something specific or just browsing around the store, seeing a sale item satisfies two desires simulta- neously: Saving money and meeting a need. Knowing this, retailers do their best to offer strategically-placed products at compelling prices, making sure shoppers know all about it.

A time-honored way of delivering this message is the store circular. Whether received in the mail, inserted in a newspaper or available at the door, circulars serve as a treasure map of sorts. They guide shoppers to items retailers need to sell, while also encouraging them to buy more items along the way. If the piece is well de-signed, it also reinforces the store’s positive brand image and increases customer loyalty.

With the help of marketing services agency PureRED and the Comosoft LAGO system, home improvement giant Lowe’s created a cost-effective process for its complex, printed & digital circulars.


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