Note from Comosoft concerning Corona virus

Dear Customers,

Comosoft is very aware of the responsibility of each individual and company to help to protect society globally in times like this with the continued outbreak of COVID-19 – the Coronavirus. Collectively, our health is our greatest asset – especially in this current global situation. We have enacted policies to comply and cooperate with all official mandates enabling our employees to work from home and practice “social distancing” as recommended. We know many of you have all enacted similar initiatives to contain the spread in your areas as well.

Despite the special circumstances, we are committed to support all of our customers with our service and our usual quality assurances. We will quickly monitor any delays in our processes and will work diligently to ensure your continued success with LAGO. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

We wish you and your families continued good health.


Peter Jozefiak (CEO) & Randy Evans (President Comosoft Inc.)