Episode III: More Than Just Another Proofing Solution – Perform Last-Minute-Changes Without Rocking the Boat.

Join the final episode of our global webinar series showing a fully optimized circular production process with LAGO.

EPISODE III: 08. April – 4:00 pm CET | 3:00 pm GMT | 9:00 am CST | 10:00 am EST

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The proofing process within a leaflet production is more than just asking for different page background or price adjustments. During the final days before pages are sent off to the printer, pretty much anything can happen. Product pricing or copy needs to be updated, images may change, products are moved to a new position or switched for a complete new product. When adding regional and/or store specific variants into the mix, the complexity grows even more and the communication needed to perform all these changes starts to become one of the biggest time sinks in your whole production process. This is why LAGO Proof is more than just a simple proofing solution to add comments asking for a different page background. Learn how LAGO Proof in conjunction with LAGO Whiteboard are solving all of the above challenges. Price updates 5 minutes before files are sent to printer? It’s not science fiction. It’s reality!

  • Easy to use proofing application
  • Overview of complete leaflet including all regional and/or store specific leaflet variants
  • Automatic price updates, triggering an update of price mechanics on the InDesign page based on business rules
  • Reposition, removal or adding of products throughout the production process
  • Automatic creation or removal of regional and/or store specific leaflet variants based on data changes

We are looking forward to seeing you there!