Inifinite variants and all completely optimized from creation to printing – 75% of time savings are possible by using the LAGO publishing exporter with it’s workflow-based sending of PDF to the printing supplier and it’s webshop placements

Full Automation

No matter how many languages or regional variations your print circulars or catalogs require, you can automatically optimize the minimal number of versions needed and output for print production. A separate InDesign document is reserved for each version, and the LAGO Layout plugin synchronizes the content between the versions.

Eliminate manual intervention from designers with automatic versioning for national, regional, market or customers specific variants. However, specific adjustments may be necessary for each version. For example, rules are set up so that a German version of a catalog uses the “€” for pricing, and the “$” symbol appears in the American version.
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Every step of your production process at a glance – 50% of time savings in the approval process due to multiple users possible (e.g. Category Managers), to work efficiently in parallel.

Take Control

With LAGO you can control every step of you marketing production process in one place – no more data-silos and single sources of knowledge. From finding product information and digital assets for you ads to corrections and proofing in the layout software – LAGO brings all of these steps together in one system.

Moreover LAGO brings together your data from several sources to ensure central and media-neutral management. On the basis of the neutral data, you can organise your marketing projects for print, e-commerce, mobile, social commerce and point of sale, link them with each other and output them to the appropriate channels.
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Make your time count – 50% of time savings in the leaflet correction process are easily possible with LAGO.

Efficient Workflow

LAGO’s Workflow Management enables your marketing production process to run efficiently and smoothly, even with large data sets and complex versioning. Our workflow module offers automated task management combined with highly configurable user & group rights. The easy creation and configuration of parallel workflows for different channels (print or digital) provide the means to produce marketing materials while respecting each channel’s nuances.

LAGO’s Workflow Engine automatically assigns jobs to teams (or individuals) and monitors their progress through completion. Reporting tools let you keep an eye on production and immediately identify possible bottlenecks. Because of its modular nature, LAGO can produce multichannel marketing materials from planning to output.
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Give your design team space for creativity without worrying about technology – 40% time savings for the leaflet creation due to using the LAGO InDesign Plugin.

Creativity Meets Technology

With our exclusive InDesign plugin, Comosoft LAGO enables visibility into assets (DAM) and data (PIM), as well as the proofing and workflow modules – all without leaving InDesign. LAGO is also integrated with Photoshop (via plug-in) to provide a seamless asset management solution.

That means that your graphic artist can log on to the LAGO database via the InDesign plugin (LAGO Layout) and access all content. The integration is bidirectional, meaning that all adaptations entered by a graphic designer are automatically fed by the plugin and then automatically to the database. In addition, the direct link with the LAGO database means access at any time to the latest information from LAGO PIM and DAM systems. Prices, for example, can be updated on a page automatically within seconds.
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