For our location in Hamburg we are looking for a:

Software developer Java/Web (m/f/d)


Some of the following skills are part of your profile:

  • JAVA: Your knowledge of JAVA 8+ is very good and makes even the inhabitants of the island of the same name envious.
  • TEAMWORK: You enjoy working in a team with our developers and are also willing to engage in technical discussions and a round of darts.
  • HTML5 / Vaadin / Vue.js: These names do not sound Spanish to you and you have heard them all 1-2 times.
  • SQL: Database languages (Oracle, PostgreSQL) get off your lips extremely easily.
  • FRONT- AND BACKEND: You can choose whether you prefer to work on the front- or backend.
  • WINDOWS/macOS: Choose your favourite platform.
  • SPRING: This word does not only make you think of the season.
  • UnitTESTS: You would like to be part of the TESTUnit for the UnitTESTS and hunt with Mockito/JUnit5.
  • CODE REVIEW: Review tools such as Crucible-Fisheye are important to us.
  • Git & SVN: Dealing with version control systems is no problem for you.
  • RESTful API: We are open to third-party applications.
  • SonarQube: We also increase quality with static code analysis.
  • And ELK (Elasticsearch/LogStash/Kibana), Software Security (OWASP) and API Design are also an issue for us.



  • Implementation of modern WebApps and rich client applications in Java (Eclipse-RCP and Vaadin) is easy for you.
  • You support the POs with your knowledge during the requirements analysis.
  • “Analysis, conception and design” will be the words above your task area door.
  •  You will carry out the implementation in a team.
  • You are the testing tester: unit tests, integration tests and preparation for test automation



  • You take on responsibility with us and can rely on the support of your team – even when it comes to table soccer and darting. 
  • It never gets boring, the range of tasks is broad.
  • If you would like to train yourself further, we are happy to help and will pay for it!
  • We don’t have computers from the pre-industrial era or oldschool offices, here everything is modern and centrally located. 
  • Flexible working hours means with us – no matter if Early Bird or night owl – start when you want. 
  • We are all on first-name terms and can also make direct decisions on short notice.
  • Attractive salary – you will also be well paid after a good performance.
  • We take care of your CO2 balance and give you an allowance on your HVV card.
  • We want you to stay healthy, hydrated and alert – fruit, coffee and water are always available.
  • Every Wednesday you can do sports with us during working hours.

    *Mandatory fields